Time To Discuss Weight Loss

There are countless weight loss solutions offered today. Most are fad diets that are either ineffective or cause temporary and unhealthy weight loss. Using the advice of a doctor who knows how to lose weight it's possible to achieve long-lasting weight loss. A doctor can target key areas that cause weight gain, including hormonal imbalances, high levels of stress, inadequate sleep and low metabolism.

Quality Foods, Stress and Sleep

An individual learns how to lose weight by first examining the foods that are being consumed. Low quality foods can result in nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, which lead to weight gain and other health problems. High stress levels are also shown to increase weight gain, making it important to analyze and reduce sources of stress in daily life. Sleep is another important aspect that must be addressed. A lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and other problems. A doctor can fully evaluate a patient's needs to correct stress-related cortisol levels and tailor a healthy menu plan.

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Improving Metabolism and Hormone Balance

A person's basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of calories they can burn each day. A slow BMR makes weight loss difficult and can be caused by many factors, including low activity and a hormone imbalance. A trained weight management doctor can analyze a patient's BMR and give them a personal program to raise their metabolism and increase weight loss. At the same time a doctor may check for common hormonal imbalances like high levels of cortisol which can increase fat storage in the body.

Detox and Exercise

A well-functioning liver is necessary for effective weight loss. The liver breaks down toxins in the body, processes hormones and even breaks down fat. Many things can lead to a poorly functioning liver, including diabetes, obesity, and a poor diet. A doctor can help to detoxify the liver as part of a weight loss solution. The right kind of exercise is also necessary. Increasing difficulty slowly, at least thirty to sixty minutes of exercise three times each week is necessary to see real results.

Weight Monitoring by a Doctor

Most individuals who fail to monitor their calorie intake and weight have unsuccessful weight loss. Having a diet evaluated by a doctor is part of an effective weight loss solution because a physician understands why the body gains weight and can correct problems before they become severe. A doctor knows how to lose weight and will recognize signs of hormonal imbalances, low-quality foods and the need to detoxify the body to maximize results. A well-monitored diet is the best way to overcome problems, including a genetic predisposition to obesity.

To learn how to lose weight effectively it's important to consult a trained weight management doctor. Only a doctor can help a patient improve their metabolism and correct hormonal imbalances. A doctor can also provide a personalized nutritional plan and exercise routine that will maximize efforts. A monitored diet is the best solution available because it addresses all causes of weight gain.

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